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SUNO writes lyrics and music for you with just a little bit of input


I love music and listening to it. I also love the idea of writing and singing my own songs. But sadly, songwriting has always felt out of reach for me. 

Until now…

With Suno.Ai, you can generate complete songs with just a few text prompts! Tell it what style you want (I chose acoustic rock) and it will create full lyrics and a melody for you in seconds.

You can easily share the song link or download it to use in your classroom, website, or other materials.

Sample Uses

  1. Write unique, personalized birthday songs for each student with details about them.
  2. Create catchy tunes to help memorize math facts, parts of speech, etc.
  3. Make songs about historical figures or concepts you’re studying.
  4. Let students give prompts to make silly songs about each other, parents, or you!

Instead of being limited to generic songs, you can make your own custom musical creations tailored perfectly for educational purposes or just fun. No more feeling musically inept – Suno.Ai unlocks creativity for everyone.

Give your students an engaging, memorable experience by incorporating personalized songs you generate yourself with this AI tool. The possibilities are endless for making your lessons stick! example

The Melody Maker

A song about a a teacher who loved to write birthday songs for his students


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