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Perplexity Summarizes Web Searches in One Place is a unique AI-powered search engine that takes a radically different approach to delivering results. Instead of simply listing web pages, Perplexity summarizes the content for you in a clear, concise format. You still get links to the source pages to verify or explore further.

Some sample use cases:

  • Math: Get step-by-step explanations like “What is the square root of 144?”
  • Health: Get summaries of complex topics like “Why does heart rate increase with exercise?”
  • Science: Understand phenomena through overviews like “What causes earthquakes?”
  • History: Get lists of key people/events like “Famous American WWII generals”


But Perplexity goes beyond simple queries. You can ask follow-up questions on your original search for deeper understanding. It even displays images related to your search (with linked sources in the paid version).

I’ve only used the free version but it’s now my go-to search engine. The paid version likely has even more powerful capabilities.

Perplexity streamlines research by surfacing concise summaries rather than just links. It’s perfect for teachers who need to quickly understand concepts to plan engaging lessons.

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See here if you would like to make it your default search engine.

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